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Adrienne is clairvoyant and clairsentient.  She has been an intuitive reader for many years and has a devoted following. She offers her clients insight into personality issues, attitudes and patterns of behavior and suggests spiritual/metaphysical principles to help them heal and process.  She is a licensed metaphysical minister and can also read and interpret the aura.


Belinda has over 30 years experience as an intuitive reader.  She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. Her skills as a Tarot reader, Numerologist and Spiritual Astrologer, offer insight into a variety of issues, including relationship and health.



Debbie is a second generation intuitive.  She has been reading professionally for 16 years
and has been developing her metaphysical talents and abilities since childhood.  She is 
clairaudient, an empathic Tarot reader and a talented dowser.  She does extensive energy
clearing on people, properties and projects of all types.  She holds a Masters degree in
Education/Counseling and is comfortable addressing a variety of issues such as life
purpose, dream interpretation, spiritual development, love, money and health.  She offers life
coaching for personal, spiritual and business issues.



Faye is a gifted channel and tarot reader.  She specializes in love and relationship issues, work problems, and financial and spiritual counseling.  She has been giving readings for 22 years and has a loyal following.  Faye read for many years as a channel, but she uses the tarot cards to get more-in depth answers.  She is a clairvoyant intuitive, well versed in metaphysical matters, and is a Reiki Master/Teacher and energetic healer.


Jala is a Tarot reader of 39 years experience.  She is comfortable dealing with all types of life issues from health and finances, to anxiety, spirituality, romance and pet problems.  She is a Universal Life Church minister and draws on her many talents and years of experience to give
insightful readings.

Swami John


John is a rune master.  He is psychic – reading your energy field.  He is a spiritual preceptor and a Hindu swami.


Linda’s life has always been one of feeling and reading people’s energy.  She is a certified massage therapist, a Reiki Master and also has a B.S. in psychology.   She does cranial-sacral therapy, personal life coaching and has been a practicing hypnotherapist for the last four years.  She is an intuitive, uses the Tarot and conducts past life regressions. 

  Melody Loving

Melody's greatest desire is to help people be more “in tune” with their own best life and fulfillment of happiness for their highest good.

She is an ordained minister and has been doing readings since 1987.  It is through her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and mediumship that she shares what she sees, hears, and feels during the reading, in complete truth, and from the heart. Another great love for her is being an intuitive artist and teacher, where she helps others expand their own intuitive abilities as well.


Michelle has been giving readings for close to 20 years. She uses her
intuitive ability coupled with her clairvoyance, the tarot, and pendulum to
give a very clear and extremely concise reading.  She is well versed in all
areas of metaphysics, has owned and operated her own metaphysical store,
taught classes on various metaphysical topics, and  guided and mentored
others in their spiritual growth as well as giving readings. Michelle also
uses her expertise in pendulum dowsing to do energy clearings and is an
ordained minister and reiki practitioner.


Ruby is an intuitive, empathic reader.  She has 30-plus years of training and experience in a variety of psychic/oracular techniques as well as humanistic, spiritual and traditional counseling.  First and foremost, she respects the human need for connectedness, understanding and perspective.



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